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These aren’t just pictures.

They’re the pictures.

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AU: You and your boyfriend Harry are vloggers. 

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(2/10) favorite appearances of Jennifer Lawrence (2011-2012)

↳ 2012 TIFF “Silver Linings Playbook” Premiere

dat dress ♥

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3 Idiots (2009)



Warning: Spoiler Alert.

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Friendzone? Prince Charming? You make me scoff.

I’ve had quite enough of the Prince Charming stories and all of the friendzone complaints.

I do believe that this has to stop, at some point. It never will, though. Tons of people go through the “Love is everything” and “I need love” phase everyday. I cannot stop them but I can bring up reasons why it’s going overboard at times.

I get it, I get it. Sure, you’ve got all these Princess films and fairytales telling you that love will always find a way and happily ever afters will come to those who find their true love.

Well, that’s all swell and all but the real deal is much harder than that. Have you ever watched a princess film that had a sequel? Well, when they do— you can see there are problems, right? There will always be problems.

I’m not saying that happily ever after implies there’s no problems, but a lot of people don’t see that. I’ve had so many friends telling me their sides regarding my thoughts.

Yes, yes, so I don’t believe in love. But you and I may have different understandings of love. What I mean when I say that I don’t believe in love is that I don’t believe that it is

  1. The only thing you need
  2. What your life needs to be focused on or revolve on
  3. That children are the cause and marriage is the means
  4. The thing that will help you survive in this world (not alone, that is)
  5. The answer to problems
  6. All those quotes that tell you love will get you through or that your prince charming is wherever in the world waiting for you to come

Yes, I do know that you may not agree with all of these things. Moving along, what I do believe love is all about..

  1. Knowing how to support others because there is more to love than JUST romantic love.
  2. Working hard because not everything will be easy. No matter what kind of relationship it is! Compromise, people, compromise!

And as for all of those soulmatecomments on finding someone.. Well, I’m tired of people complaining about being friendzoned.

Now you listen, here! So what, you want to date someone and fall in love with them WITHOUT EVEN knowing anything about them?

  1. If you wanna be in a relationship with someone, don’t you kinda have to meet them first? Hmm. Am I wrong about this one? Tell me, AM I?
  2. Don’t you want to also know the basics? You are talking about a relationship here. Pretty sure you gotta, well.. relate.
  3. How do you know you wanna date them if you don’t know anything about them besides "s/he’s hot"?

The “friendzone is a complaint for people who don’t actually want to get serious, if you ask me.

You wanna know why people just have tons of boyfriends/girlfriends? Because they’re so caught up in rushing to be in relationships and skipping the relational part. Find some lust buddies if you’re not willing to get to know a person.

Basically, I’m fed up and I needed to get this all out. Not exactly everything I’ve been meaning to say, but my rage was lost around 5 minutes into typing. It’ll return one day and I’m just gonna edit/add to this post when it does.

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"The Blizzard of ‘68, how the hoodie was found, everything will be revealed if you join our storytelling sessions…"
A message to my own life’s Mason & Logan.
..except I’m not dating any of them LOL

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Niall Horan

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Interviewer: Describe yourself naked in three words
Harry Styles: A bit disappointing

 Did he really say that? Liiiink, maybe? :)

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harry finally looks like the 80s rockstar he always wanted to be. he’ll probably be singing little black dress into the toilet bowl later while someone holds his wig back

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Niall at the Capital Rocks concert (x)

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